Gear Cutting

For over 70 years,

we've been cutting gears.

Dayton Gear excels at providing high-quality gear cutting operations for most drive components. With the capacity to manufacture gears both in English and Metric tooth forms, we use a variety of diametral pitches, modules, and pressure angles.

Our extensive tooling inventory allows Dayton Gear to meet critical requirements at competitive prices—all while offering just-in-time delivery and fulfilling top industry standards. We also offer emergency services and breakdown repair. Contact Dayton Gear to learn more about our superior gear cutting products and capabilities, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Primary Gear Cutting Capabilites

gear manufacturing, finishing, machining, broaching, hobbing, shaping


alloy steel, bronze, plastic, stainless

Gear Types

bevel, spur and pinions, helical, internal/ external splines, worm, sprockets, racks

Gear Tooth Forms

English and metric, involute

Keyway Forms

square, hex

Industry Standards


Overall Part Dimensions

Up to 96 in


pulling pressure 100 ton, max length 72 in


diametral pitch, module, pressure angle